Working with Vodafone and TBS for total workforce mobility

Find out how Quicklight transformed its business, adding transparency and real value for clients and helping engineers to work more efficiently with the introduction of a new paperless system…

We are proud of the work we undertake in all areas and over the last 25 years we have refined the way we operate in lighting maintenance, compliance and across all our other services. However, there is always room to increase efficiency and we recently undertook one of our biggest projects yet, working with Vodafone and TBS to implement a total workforce mobility system.

By giving engineers and customers access to a mobile system and app, we have completely transformed site visits, making our engineers more efficient and giving our customers easy access to key information. The app can log visit details, place orders and overall means a significant reduction in paperwork which is good news for everyone.

As one of our Lighting Engineers, Jack Mitchell explains:

“A typical day for our team can include travel between five and ten sites from builders yards to estate agents to retail, which all adds up to a lot of admin”

As Quicklight’s Managing Director Richard McCabe explains:

“We want our engineers to make repairs not fill out paperwork! We wanted to create a system that allowed us to be as efficient as we could be and to deliver the best customer service possible.”

We approached Vodafone and their partner TBS and worked together to create the new system. Vodafone advised us on which services and security we needed to guarantee the functionality was not only effortless for those using the system but also secure. TBS provided the mobile applications needed to create a simple but concise design.

Our engineers can now manage their workload by:

  • placing quick orders on the system
  • costing new parts quickly
  • presenting the client with a record of when the engineer arrived and left
  • an easy-to-read customer record of parts ordered and the cost of each item

As Jacks says “Every job is different, but using Vodafone’s total workforce mobility we know what each site entails, so that makes our job ten times easier”

And Richard adds:

“We estimate it’s made the engineers an hour more productive everyday”.

We are justifiably proud of this project and the impact it has made on customer satisfaction, productivity and our internal systems. We actually re-worked our CRM system as a result of the work undertaken, ensuring that all elements were able to work together.

The resulting paperless systems is an important step for the company, giving us the latest technology and ability to take on new and exciting projects but at the same time reflects our commitment to existing clients and our determination to continuous improvement in the business.

You can see Jack and Richard talking about the project in this case study video produced by Vodafone:

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