Why Quicklight visits clients every 8 weeks

The importance of customer service

“Customer service is at the heart of everything we do”

You’ve heard that sentence before, haven’t you? Let’s be honest – we all have. No matter what industry a business is in, everyone is going to cite customer service as a vital part of their organisation.

When it comes to the lighting maintenance and electrical testing industry though it really is vital. We aren’t just providing customers with a service, we are helping to ensure that they meet legal requirements, make sure they can effectively deliver their services and keep their employees safe.

With this is mind we work to make sure that customer service isn’t just at the heart of everything we do now, but also that it informs how Quicklight evolves. When developing our new mobile system and app for example, we made sure that the system was designed and built with the customer in mind. As our Managing Director Richard McCabe explains:

“We want our engineers to make repairs not fill out paperwork! We wanted to create a system that allowed us to be as efficient as we could be and to deliver the best customer service possible.”

A system that really works  

Whilst we are constantly evolving and looking to the future, there are areas of our customer service offering that have remained constant as we’ve evolved, mainly down to the positive feedback we get from customers about these areas. One element of the business we are proud to continue offering is our lighting maintenance service, which sees us visit clients every 8 weeks.

Covering the whole of the UK mainland and Northern Ireland, our lighting maintenance service is simple and cost-effective solution that was the first of its kind to be based on a ‘pay as you go’ business model. The advantage of this model is it allows customers to stay in control of their budget and work through key areas of maintenance as they arise.

After every eight-week service-visit, our engineers will give our customers an instant record of work completed using our new mobile system and app.  This means all repairs are documented and clients can prove compliance and individual branch expenditure if they run a multisite operation. Our engineers are incredibly pro-active, often fixing problems before staff have noticed them. This takes the responsibility away from employees to spot and report problems, meaning they can concentrate on their main responsibilities thereby increasing productivity in key target areas.

A team built on customer service 

The team of Quicklight engineers visiting our clients’ sites every 8 weeks are highly trained with a wide range of experience and expertise. They aim to provide a ‘first-time fix’ on these visits, fitting and replacing additional light fittings, sockets or control switches. Our new fleet of vans are fully equipped and stocked to ensure that engineers can replace specific lights and reach up to 8 meters in height.

Before we begin projects we also agree a ‘menu-parts’ price list of all the lights and parts we may need to fit whilst visiting. Operating this way allows our engineers to work from an agreed stock list leading to consistent pricing and access to the items customers are likely to need.

If you want to organise a lighting maintenance programme with 8 weekly visits, contact us today by calling 0800 917 721 or emailing email [email protected]

You can also find out more about our new mobile app by watching the below:

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