Selfies, building relationships and doing what is best for the client: An interview with James King

We thought it was time readers of our blog got to know the Quicklight team a little better. First up is our very own King of the selfies – National Account Manager,  James

James, what does a typical day look like for you?

Typically, it’s traveling to appointments and on the days, that I’m not on the road I’m following up those appointments by preparing quotes and proposals. I really like the fact that I’m involved in every part of that process. I think clients really value the fact that the person who visited them is the one that keeps in touch and sees the process through.


What is it about being on the road that you enjoy?

Getting to see clients and prospects in person, I find face-to-face is always best when discussing business. Especially in those early stages when you are getting to know someone. The bad weather can be challenging, especially all the snow we’ve had in the first quarter of the year, but when the sun is shining, traveling every day and seeing new people and places can be lovely.


What area of Quicklight excites you?

The freedom and ability to genuinely deliver the best service we can. We aren’t tied down to one particular manufacturer which means I’m able to match the right product to the right client.


What do you value most about working with Quicklight?

The support that comes from everyone in the business. The management team at Quicklight really do listen to your suggestions and value your opinion. It’s great to feel valued and it means I wake up and actually look forward to coming into work. I’m very aware that not everyone out there gets to feel like that but you speak to people working at Quicklight and that’s how we all seem to feel.


The website says “ The commercial department always looks forward to Jimmy joining them back in the office for an update on his funny antics!” – What recent funny antics can you tell us about?

You’ll have to ask the commercial department! In all seriousness, I just enjoy building relationships with people and getting to a place where everyone can be professional but still have a laugh, have a good time. This often involves me making use of multilingual skills or taking a selfie or two whilst on my exploits. I’m lucky that our Managing Director Richard encourages that, we want Quicklight to be about the people and the personalities and making people laugh is mine. At least I hope Richard encourages it – he certainly keeps asking for more selfies!


You clearly also take a lot of pride in your work at Quicklight – what achievements over your time at the company are you most proud of?

Being here for 6 years and being part of the evolution the company has gone on in that time is something I’m really proud of. We aren’t afraid to move forward and adapt to changes within in the industry, I know everyone says that but if you look at our services and the way they have evolved over the last few years, from making LED affordable and achievable and placing importance on compliance, it’s clear we have moved with the times.


Building on this, where do you see Quicklight moving in the future and what is your part in this?

I see no reason why we wouldn’t keep adapting, keep growing and moving forward by keeping our staff well trained and appreciated. Everyone knows everyone at Quicklight, we all look after each other and as long as we keep doing that we can only get more successful.


Any closing remarks?

When I’m at appointments I also like to state, because I firmly believe it’s true, that Quicklight is big enough to cope but small enough to care. That seems a good note to end it on!


As you can see Jimmy is incredibly loyal, kind and very much knows what he is talking about when it comes to the services Quicklight provides. We’d just like to take this moment to thank him, not just for this interview but his 6 years of dedication and hard work.

Keep an eye on the blog in the upcoming months for more interviews with the Quicklight team, next up Jimmy has volunteered the man who volunteered him – Managing Director Richard McCabe! We’re going to chase him around a marathon with a dictaphone…

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