Maximising the effectiveness of your security lighting

Alarming statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently reported that the number of robberies recorded by the police for the year to March has increased by 30%. Business and property owners need to be aware of the security measures they have in place, thereby staying on top of potential risks to their building’s security.

How security lighting can help

A properly installed and maintained security lighting system can help to offer protection from theft and vandalism. It will also ensure your employees feel safe outside your premises during dark winter months or late at night. If your security lighting isn’t working then it offers no security for your employees or protection for your property at all. There are however several key areas property owners should consider to ensure that their security lighting does make a difference:

Professional installation – It is vital to ensure that all lighting systems are installed by a professional organisation that can specify a system suited to the property’s specific security needs.

Regular maintenance – if business owners don’t maintain security lighting it can invalidate insurance and leave property vulnerable to criminal activity. Ensuring that security lighting is checked on a regular basis can avoid business owners not realising that lamps and fittings have stopped working.

Security for security lighting – it sounds odd but businesses should consider the security of security lighting! Vandal-proof lighting and CCTV systems will give additional peace of mind and offer protection 24 hours a day.

Prime location – the position and placement of security lighting is paramount. Professional installers should pinpoint the areas that require illumination for property protection and areas that require illumination for employee safety.

Escape routes – Quick, well-lit exits and escape routes can make employees feel more secure. Fire alarm call points should be easily located, adequately lit and maintained.

Contact Quicklight today

Quicklight ensures that our clients’ security lighting stays in tip top condition. Our qualified engineers visit sites every eight weeks and check any PIRs (passive infrareds), vandal-proof lights, floodlights, photo-cells, timers and other lamps and fittings that that have failed. We can also maintain your CCTV system. 

If you want to speak to us about your security lighting, contact us by calling 0800 917 721 or emailing [email protected]


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