The importance of emergency lighting maintenance

Do you have emergency lighting? If so, it is vital to check that they are in working order. In the event of an emergency, it is the responsibility of every company to provide fully functioning emergency lighting.

However, recent reports have revealed that a private landlord has failed to do so, resulting in a fine of a record £400,000 over the lack of emergency lighting. The building in question failed to display a number of key health and safety requirements including; no emergency lighting in communal areas, broken lights and risks of electrocution due to poor lighting. It has been described as one of the biggest financial penalties ever handed out to a landlord in Britain.

What’s more, with recent reports from Ofgem and The National Grid suggesting an increasing risk of power cuts, it is more critical than ever for building owners and operators to ensure their emergency lighting is compliant with current regulations.  

At Quicklight, our team of expert’s survey, test and recommend changes to your emergency lighting systems to ensure that you comply with the latest regulations. We also help to plan, install and maintain all your emergency lights, including maintained and non-maintained lighting.

Not only that, Quicklight will provide you with an annual ‘full duration test’ as part of a routine emergency lighting maintenance programme.

Contact us today for a full emergency lighting installation or to fix any faulty fittings you might have.

Take action now, and avoid suffering the consequences later!

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