The Importance of Accreditations for Lighting Maintenance Contractors

Here at Quicklight, we take pride in delivering a safe and high quality service for each of our clients, every time. This is why, when we consider becoming accredited with a particular body; we look at whether the accreditation will help us to improve the quality or safety of our work. It is important for any contractor to take health and safety matters seriously. This is especially the case for businesses offering any provision that involves working at height, working with machinery and providing electrical services.

Electrical regulations are in place to keep people safe from harm. If an electrical installation does not comply with the regulations then your business could be at risk of prosecution. Engaging the services of a lighting maintenance contractor that is accredited with professional bodies should give you the confidence that their engineers are competent and will work safely on site. It also means that if you need any additional light fittings, replacement sockets or control switches, the engineer is qualified to fit them and any electrical repairs they carry out will be compliant with the current regulations.

Our engineers are trained to the highest standards and operate best practice in all their areas of work, which is why we have invested in gaining accreditations with a number of leading organisations. Our membership and accreditations demonstrate our skills and professionalism. They give our clients assurance that our services are delivered at the highest quality and safety levels.

Our accreditations include:

  • NIC EIC approved contractor
  • Safe Contractor
  • RoSPA
  • British Safety Council
  • Altius assured vendor
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 18001
  • ISO 14001

Our enrolment to NIC EIC is voluntary, but it demonstrates our commitment to offering a first-class service to our customers. Being NIC EIC members, we are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure that high standards are maintained and that regulatory codes of practice are upheld consistently across the whole organisation.

All of our engineers are City & Guilds qualified electricians. We’re not content to just employ people with the right qualifications. We like to ensure that they are meeting our customers’ needs every time that they do a job. That’s why we use information gathered through a customer feedback mechanism to identify gaps in our training programme, which helps us to improve the skills of our maintenance engineers. What’s more, In order to keep our clients regularly and thoroughly informed, Quicklight utilises EasyCert to produce a range of electrical certificates, fire alarm certificates and emergency lighting certificates. These certificates give clients the opportunity to prove they meet all legal requirements and regulations.

With EasyCert Quicklight can:

  • Email certificates to clients instantly
  • Store backups of certification in the Cloud
  • Produce certificate reminders when due
  • Validate existing certificates
  • Add scanned signatures
  • Save reports as PDFs for easy access
  • Print site survey forms
  • Add a comments section
  • Support iPhone, iPad and Android tablets

If you are looking for a lighting maintenance service provider where the quality of work is guaranteed, give us a call on 0800 9175721.

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