Our Team

“I enjoy working for Quicklight - it’s a very family oriented company.”

At Quicklight we have a close knit team that supports each other and works together to achieve shared goals. If you don’t believe us here’s what the team has to say…

“I have seen Quicklight grow from one engineer, to over 70 and have been a part of that process in one guise or another. I love my role here”

“My colleagues are all prepared to pull together to give the customer the best experience possible. It’s great to be able to regard these same colleagues as my friends.”

“I love that I’m in a job that I’m able to cross train in other areas and working for a company that provides opportunities for growth. It is also exciting to be able to work with some of the leading names on the high street.”

“I’ve studied all sorts over my short years, the most beneficial was my apprenticeship which Quicklight put me though, they really invest in you and I’ll always be grateful for it.”

“I really enjoy the banter with my colleagues and the variety the role brings. We have plenty of laughs and I think that’s really important.”