Why Quicklight?

We work with multi-site companies who outsource lighting maintenance and other electrical testing services. The way we work is proactive and totally transparent

Here are 7 good reasons to give our service a try:

1. We can service all of your sites in the UK

Our national lighting maintenance services cover the whole of the UK mainland and Northern Ireland, so you don’t have to brief and manage different contractors for each of your regional sites. We make things easier for you: one point of contact, one set of fixed prices, and just one phone call to make.

2. We help you to control costs 

All our engineers carry PDAs with them on site. We record any work we do and have it signed off by an authorised employee, enabling you to set site-specific budget limits and allocate funds to sites that need it most.


3. We reduce your risk 

We do not negotiate or tie our customers in to fixed-term lighting maintenance contracts. We only earn money if we attend visits on a regular basis and work efficiently. This ensures that you get a good quality service and, as you are not tied into a contract, you are free to switch to another supplier if you feel our service is not up to scratch.

4. We reduce the 'noise'

Proactive lighitng maintenance takes the responsibility away from employees to spot and report problems, as we can often fix them before they’re reported. Our customers tell us that they have to spend far less time managing complaints and requests for lighting maintenance from their remote sites because of the way we work.

5. We have a dedicated help desk

Our friendly, experienced help desk professionals are there to help you, whatever your requirements. They respond quickly and efficiently to help with booking emergency call-outs, rescheduling service visits, and advising on lighting or electrical issues. You can call them Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

6. We improve your green credentials

Unlike companies who provide planned preventative maintenance we don’t relamp all your sites on day one unless there is a very good reason to do so. By making regular visits, we remove the need for a complete relamp, which, in turn reduces waste and saves you money.

7. We are accredited

We are an NIC EIC approved contractor and Altius assured vendor holding ISO 9001 certification. We carry out our work to recognised industry standards, so that it is safe and satisfactory and complies with current guidelines and regulations. 

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