Low energy lighting refits

By making the switch to low energy lighting, retailers can make significant savings to their energy bills. If you’re thinking about installing LED lighting at your branches, speak to us about our refitting service, we can help in several ways:


If you need advice on which products are best to use, we can help you source and install your new lighting. In recent years, the market has been flooded with cheap LED products that often fail to live up to their claimed performance. That is why using the right, good quality LED products is just as important as using experienced and certified engineers to fit them. We’ve fostered good relationships with all the major lighting manufacturers and, as a result, gained extensive knowledge on the best LED lighting for retail environments. Find out what we did for Howdens. 

Howdens Case Study


If you’ve already selected and purchased your new LED products, we can fit them for you. Our qualified engineers and experienced project managers are able to spot issues during the refit process and can react accordingly, ensuring that installations are completed as smoothly as possible. We’ll work with you to minimise disruption, working outside normal business hours if necessary.

Saint-Gobain Case Study

Manufacturer projects

As a trusted partner, key lighting manufacturers use our installation service for their own retail clients’ projects. Read more about our project work for OSRAM and GE

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