External lighting maintenance

We can access and maintain all types of exterior lights, including:

  • high-level lights,
  • bollards,
  • lampposts,
  • walkway lights,
  • architectural floodlights,
  • weather-proof lights (IP rated),
  • wall washers, and
  • low-level lights.


Our on-board Quicklifts help our engineers to access high-level lighting. Each of our vans has one. It enables our engineers to reach lights up to eight metres (about 26 feet) in height. 

With a Versalift, our engineers can reach lights up to 16 metres (about 52 feet) in height. A Versalift can also extend over obstacles, allowing us to maintain external lights that might otherwise be too difficult to reach. 


Illuminated sign lighting maintenance

Faulty illuminated signs can look unprofessional and damage your company’s image. Our signage engineers take care of this problem for you. They visit your sites at regular intervals, dismantle the signage, replace any failed lamps or control gear, and clean all panels and diffusers to guarantee the best performance from your signage. 

Security lighting maintenance

Non-functioning security lights offer no security or safety and may invalidate some insurance policies. But if properly installed and maintained, security lighting will give you the protection you require.

Our engineers will check and change lamps and fittings that have failed, including:

  • PIR (passive infrared) lights,
  • vandal-proof lights,
  • escape route lighting (IP rated),
  • floodlighting for CCTV systems,
  • photo-cells, and
  • timers.

We can also maintain your CCTV system.

Contact us about commercial outdoor lighting maintenance.