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Sue Ryder Care

Sue Ryder Care upgrade lighting with Quicklight

Sue Ryder Care run charity shops throughout the UK. After a closely monitored trial in 30 shops, Quicklight were awarded the job of upgrading and maintaining the lighting in all 425 shops. This has been staged over a twelve month period, through a series of regular eight weekly visits. The shops are now brighter and more inviting for customers. Also, there have been many positive comments from the shop managers who have appreciated the efficiency and friendliness of the Quicklight engineers.

Quicklight have improved the standard of lighting in all our shops and offices and have done this within pre-agreed maximum cost limits per shop. This means we now have total control of our lighting maintenance budget. Another advantage has been that we’ve been able to spread the costs over a twelve month period, which has enabled us to fund our charitable work more quickly. Quicklight helped us find the right solution, which is both competitive and efficient.
Terry Hanley, Sue Ryder Care

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