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Evans Cycles

From early beginnings in the 1900's FW Evans Cycles built a successful reputation as a quality cycle shop, designing, building, selling and servicing cycles. After 50 years in it's original shop the company moved to Waterloo and began to expand. Growth has increased over the past ten years and Evans Cycles now have over 40 shops throughout the UK, located in both high streets and shopping centres. Each store needs to be bright and modern, reflecting the lifestyle of their customers.

As the leading independent cycle retailer we need to keep our stores bright and appealing to our customers. Lighting is key to keeping our displays of cycles, accessories and clothing looking attractive. Quicklight helps us keep our lighting levels at the optimum, by their eight week maintenance visits. For me, managing over 40 stores, it has been made much easier because I only have to deal with one contractor. I can maintain all our stores, nationwide, through Quicklight help-desk.
Nick Peczek, estates manager, Evans Cycles

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