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Go Outdoors Choose Quicklight

Fast growing outdoor specialist retailer Go Outdoors has chosen Quicklight for all their lighting maintenance requirements. The Sheffield based retailer has just opened its eleventh Superstore in Bristol. Each store is typically around 40,000 sq.ft. and has the theme ‘Outdoors Inside’. They include innovative features such as limestone walls and synthetic turf flooring, all needing to be constantly well lit in order to maintain a great impact and lively shopping experience.

Quicklight have helped Go Outdoors to maintain a high standard of lighting throughout our national network of stores. Their eight-weekly visits ensure all our lighting, whether at low level, high level or outdoors, is attended to regularly. The ‘Quicklift’ means we no longer wait until several high level lights are out before we consider getting in expensive access equipment. This means our stores always look bright and clean.

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